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Do not have transcript/HGVS expression?

For a substitution with gene symbol, position, reference and alternate alleles known, please use this service:

Gene and variation based query

Alternatively, please use this service to identify allele interactively if HGVS expression or transcript is not available.

Interactively generate variation

Bulk query

This option provides a search box for entering multiple HGVS expressions (one per line). For alleles present in the allele registry, the search returns canonical allele identifiers. For valid alleles not present in the allele registry, the search results provide a button to register an allele.

Bulk Query

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Login is required to register new alleles and obtain their canonical identifiers.

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If you already have a login and forgot your password please reset your password. You will need your email address and username for the registry to reset password.

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What is ClinGen Allele Registry?

The allele registry provides and maintains identifiers for genetic variants.

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API specifications

Allele registry supports querying/registration using well documented APIs.

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Try beta release of OpenAPI 2.0 compatible ClinGen Allele registry REST-API documentation.

Reference sequence accessions for chromosomes

Mapping of human chromosomes to reference sequence accession.

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